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Auto Locksmith Bridgwater

Auto Locksmith Bridgwater

We can cut physical keys and program transponders in front of you – the new tech is amazing and our trained servicemen have the training required to operate it. No key issue is unsolvable and we can perform a range of services there and then, at your location. We're able to access to your cars PC framework to program new keys and transponders in the very unfortunate situation of robbery or vandalism and can secure your car by erasing any old key information, so nobody with your old key can get to your vehicle.

Substitution Keys
At some point, you may require replacement or substitution keys for your car. Perhaps these are for relatives, children for example, or maybe you bought a second-hand car that only came with one set and need to get another cut for a spare. Your initial thoughts may be to contact your dealership about this but the truth is, it's much cheaper to use a dedicated car locksmith who can perform the procedure for you on-site at your location. We can cut new keys and program the associated transponder and test them in front of you. Dealerships contrastingly can take a long time to do this, sometimes several weeks!

Broken Keys
On the off chance that your key breaks in a lock, either the door or your start or ignition, or your lock is vandalized and sticks and jams, we can help you every 24/7, round the clock in accessing your vehicle and creating new keys. We will utilize non-damaging techniques to remove any damaged keys, preventing more damage from occurring to your lock. We can access your transponder system to then add or remove new or old keys for Broken Keys.

Lost Keys
In the event that you lose your key or have it stolen then don't freeze in a panic! We can get into your car's key bank within its onboard PC and erase your old keys so anyone that finds your key can't use it. We can then cut a new key from an existing database and program unique transponder info to it using our road-side equipment. If your key was stolen, we can erase its info ASAP to prevent it from being used to access your car. It's a service exclusive to roadside locksmiths and we provide it 24/7, giving you peace of mind in these stressful scenarios.

Transponder Programming
Transponders secure your car but aren't bulletproof. They can be host to a plethora of weird issues. We can access them and diagnose issues as well as perform anything involving adding or removing keys for old and new identifiers. You don't need to contact your dealership for transponder related issues any more as we can do everything on-site. It's quicker, cheaper and more efficient.

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