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Broken Car Keys Bristol | Auto Locksmith Bristol

Broken Car Keys Bristol | Auto Locksmith Bristol

Breaking your key is an emergency and we treat it like one. We're on hand 24/7 to serve your broken key issues and are able to travel to you to sort out the issue. The only thing you need to do is sit and not worry! Our experienced locksmiths will extract your old key from the lock and if possible, circumvent any damage. It's not always possible to extract your key but if we can't do this then we can rebuild parts of the lock in order to get your car running again. Some locksmiths and dealerships remove and replace the whole lock instead which costs a lot more and takes a lot longer than replacing individual bits.

We will always try non-destructive methods first, usually, they work and we can access your car to then proceed and cut a new key for it. We can access your car's ECU in order to generate a new transponder code to program back into your key. Circumventing damage to your lock saves you money and often, it's quicker and better than full replacements.

It;'s a specialist task and inexperienced locksmiths will make the issue worse. Contrastingly, our locksmiths are trained to extract keys from many locks and are equipped with the necessary tools to remove keys.

It is fully recommended that you use a locksmith for this service, avoiding your car's official dealership or a mechanic with non-lock-specific knowledge. Our official dealerships ask for large fees for Broken Keys and often, they'll decide to just remove the lock and start over instead of trying to extract the key using non-destructive methods.

It doesn't matter if your key breaks in your door lock or ignition as to us, the same principles apply and we can still extract the key to the best of abilities.

Once the key's extracted, we can cut a new one for your car and access your transponder system to add a new key to your car.

There are a few reasons as to why your car key or lock may become broken or damaged

  • The key snaps or jams in the door or in the ignition
  • The door or ignition jams as it's worn or damaged and you can't remove or insert the key
  • Your door has been vandalized

If you're unlucky enough to get your lock vandalized then you can be guaranteed we'll take as many preventative steps to fix your lock without inflicting permanent damage or rebuilding the entire lock.

Serving Bristol, we're available 24/7 to assist you with any issue you have with a broken key. Whether it's stuck, jammed, or snapped, our team know what to do and will get your car running again ASAP.

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