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Auto Locksmith Bristol

Auto Locksmith Bristol

We cover tasks ranging from duplicates and replacements to full lock repairs and transponder reprogramming. We have advanced, state-of-the-art tools and locksmith technology and can perform any task on-site at your location for your convenience.

Replacement Keys
Replacement Keys may be needed for extra family members or because we need an extra set of spares for a car which only came with 1 set. We can cut new keys for you at your location, 24/7. It's easier and cheaper than using a dealership who can take weeks to ship out your new keys. You won't need to travel to a dealer, either, and we can test your keys in front of you to make sure they work. Getting a key cut for a car means reprogramming transponder info and we're able to do this as part of our mobile locksmithing service. We provide a first-class key cutting service that provides new keys for your vehicle to any location in Bristol and its surrounding areas

Lost Keys
Lost keys can instate panic but the truth is, it's not an issue we can't suss out at the roadside, usually sorting you out within a couple of hours with a new key. We can cut your key from our existing database whilst programming it uniquely to your car's immobilizer and transponder system. It's stress-free and rapid, meaning you'll have access to your car quickly. If your key was lost or stolen, we can delete the old transponder information in order to secure your car against the people who may have your key.

Broken Keys
Keys can sometimes snap in the lock or possibly become jammed and sticky. It could happen in your ignition or door and may pose serious problems in gaining entry and turning on your car. Whether this happens to either lock, we can extract a snapped key using non-destructive methods which prevent unnecessary damage to your lock. We can keep your lock intact, meaning you won;t need any additional repairs. If your lock is damaged beyond extraction then we can often replace pieces without replacing the whole thing. This procedure isn't easy to complete and mechanics and dealerships will often replace the whole lock when we instead replace pieces to ensure that your lock doesn't need to be fully replaced.

Transponder Programming
Transponders are complex and generally, you couldn't edit them without manufacturer -specific equipment. With our new tech, though, we can fix transponders at the road side! It's a complex job and we have the unique experience required to do it, compared to dealerships that take a long time to carry out the job. We can do this 24/7 and can perform tasks like editing or remove old keys for lost keys or add entirely new ones for new keys we cut for your car. We can troubleshoot issues, too, assessing any particular issue that may come about from your transponder. We can solve most transponder issues in Bristol and its surrounding areas, 24/7.

Car Locksmith Bristol

Car Locksmith Bristol

Our equipment is universal and applies to all manufacturers who use the same fundamental technology in all transponders and immobilisers.

Own an Audi, which won't open before work? We can analyse the immobiliser system and check that it's receiving your key's code first. If it is, then the problem could be to do with the mechanical communication between the car and the lock. We can diagnose this signal flow with our equipment and troubleshoot the process that is causing the problem.

Maybe you can open your Vauxhall via the manual door lock but the key won't turn in the ignition. The same principles apply and we can check to see if your key is talking to your car first. If it is, then we can then look at how your car responds when the key is turned in the ignition. It may be that the immobiliser is malfunctioning or maybe there's is an issue with your ignition's components.

Your Chrysler people carrier's alarms go off when you try and use your key in the door? We can tell if other interfering keys have scrambled the transponder info. Some cars have more issues with this than others, Rovers reportedly suffering issues from other key fobs scrambling their data to cause weird issues. We can perform a reset if this happens by connecting to your car's key bank and asking for it to verify your key with a new code. Most often, we don't need to change anything when this happens other than the internals of your immobiliser system.

Mercedes door won't unlock even though the lights flash correctly when you press the button on your fob? It's a good chance that your battery is low – transponders use watch batteries and they don't last forever! We can troubleshoot issues like this with ease. Imagine taking your car to a dealership for the sake of replacing a watch battery?!

Immobilisers and transponders all work in the same way – even a Ferrari will use a key fob that talks to your car in the same way as a Ford, for example. They transmit waves, like radio waves, that can be detected using new-gen locksmithing gear. Through advanced analytical processes, these can gather info from your car and then edit it in the way that manufacturer technologies can. Basically, the tools have been constructed to mirror manufacturers key production gear and put the same technology in a portable package that can be operated at the road side.

This innovation means that locksmithing procedures apply universally over all brands. Ford, Lexus, Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot, Ferrari, Range Rover, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Suzuki, Audi, Mazda, Citroen and many others.

Don't worry if you think your car is too modern and complex as our equipment is at the cutting edge and we renew it all the time. We can often perform tasks that were previously reserved for the dealerships. Fortunately for you, we're more flexible, around 24/7, cheaper, friendlier and more experienced!

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