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Lost Car Keys Bristol

Lost Car Keys Bristol

Losing your car key can seem catastrophic. The truth is, these days, for locksmiths like our own that are equipped with next-gen equipment, it's no longer an untackable task and we can assist you with it. There's no need to worry about it as we're still able to cut you a new key! We can select your key from our existing range and use this information to craft a new key based on the unique info we extract from your car's transponder system. This enables us to create a new key that functions perfectly with your car whilst providing all the security of your original manufacturer's transponder key. They're no different!

We possess extraordinary mobile locksmithing technology so we can perform this task at the roadside. You don't need to travel to a locksmith or involve your dealership. We are special Auto Locksmiths and know how our trade applies directly to cars so can provide a superior service to normal locksmiths and dealerships that can take many weeks to mail out your new keys. We're on hand 24/7 and are always much cheaper than dealerships, who are known for their extortionate pricing when it comes to key cutting.

Losing your key is no longer something to be worried about. Firstly, we can pick the lock to gain you access to your car in order to retrieve your belongings and then we can set about cutting you a new key to take away with you. Our on-the-spot service ensures that the procedure is quick for you, meaning that no matter when you lose your key, we'll be there, 24/7.

When you lose your key, you may be worried that someone else will find it and try and use it with your car. When we cut your new key, we can communicate with your car's transponder system in order to delete your old key, meaning your car is secured from anyone who may possess your key.

This also applies to stolen keys, as if your key goes missing you'll be wondering about whether the thief can access your car and drive it away. We can perform the same procedure, ensuring the safety of your car. We can delete your old key meaning that the stolen key simply will not work!

Our latest technology in portable locksmithing allows us to do this and we can bring it to your doorstep, or wherever you might be. Don't view losing your key as a catastrophic loss any more! We are experienced, highly qualified locksmiths who arrive 24/7 with the best tech available to assist any lock and key related issue. It's a simple, efficient task for us and we'll apply our huge expertise in locksmithing to secure you the best procedure to fix your issue.

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