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Replacement Car Keys Bristol | Auto Locksmith Bristol

Replacement Car Keys Bristol | Auto Locksmith Bristol

We serve Bristol and the wider area with Replacement Keys and duplicates. We can do this with our portable locksmith equipment on site and then test the function of the new keys in front of you. Our friendly team can access a wide array of pre-existing keys in order to find you a replacement match if you don't have your key and can access your car's transponder system in order to generate new keys that are unique to your car.

Replacing keys with a dealership can involve a long wait, often 2 weeks or more! If your car isn't common then it'll take even longer. We can even replace the keys of sports cars or other vehicles. Sometimes, we need spare keys quicker than this. Possibly before a long drive, in order to have a replacement in case of loss of your main key. Sometimes we need duplicate keys for other family members or friends and other relatives. It's really important to have a spare key in case of the loss of your main one so sometimes a replacement is needed when we purchase a car which only comes with the one set. We can duplicate existing keys using our new-gen software and hardware and if you don't have one, we can still cut a new, unique replacement key for your car.

Modern car keys come with built-in transponders and thus, are hard to replace easily. It's not just about cutting the physical key. We can also reprogram transponders on-site. Because we can perform this service at your location, you won't need to travel to a locksmith or involve a dealer. It's quicker, cheaper, more efficient and takes advantage of the new tools available to us in locksmithing.

  • We can provide a replacement key service 24/7, round the clock, every day!
  • There are a few reasons as to why you may need replacement keys
  • You've misplaced your spare key and need it before travelling on a long journey.
  • Another family member needs their own keys and you've lost the spare.
  • You've bought a vehicle that only came with the single key and therefore need another cut.
  • You just want to add extra keys for your vehicle.

Our team of locksmiths is trained with our new-gen equipment and together, they can tackle any basic to advanced Auto Locksmithing task ranging from replacing keys to Transponder Programming. It's quick, easy and you don't need to travel. It takes the stress and hassles out of car key problems which tend to occur at the wrong times when you're not at home or late at night.

We service the entire Bristol area meaning there's no place in the area we can't cover your key issue 24/7. We cover all the major brands and models and even obscure cars can be covered. Our team has been dedicated to auto locksmithing since the beginning and we're absolutely confident that we can assist in any car locksmithing problem.

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